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Call for Application: Referral Agents at Iconic University


Iconic Open University is looking for Referral Agents across all states and LGAs in Nigeria and across the globe who are either marketing specialists, social media actors, community mobilizers, business centers, cyber cafés and CBT centers, and all other stakeholders that possess strong persuasive skills to work on innovative strategies for referring/mobilizing prospective students.

Iconic University will engage interested applicants on an ad-hoc basis as they implore a variety of means to draw potential students to the university. This will include leveraging on the virtues of studying at the university that include; flexibility, affordability, quality, and notably from the comfort of one’s home, business/workplace. In addition, you will use interpersonal and focused group approaches, social media campaigns, and any other typical means that deem fit to get prospective students informed and achieve the ultimate goal of making them apply and join the university.

Iconic University will double-pay your referral rewards per candidate referred/mobilized based on the application made and after payment of registration fees.

If you are interested in this job, click here to apply now.

Application closes on 30th June 2023.

27 thoughts on “Call for Application: Referral Agents at Iconic University”

  1. Usamatu Dahiru

    This is the kind of oppotunities we are looking for but we miss it.
    we thank god that we now come across it.


    This is the kind of opportunity we are looking for but we missed it. We thank God that we now across it so don’t allow this opportunity to pass you.

  3. Muhammad mansur Suleiman

    I am very happy to see this opportunity because it seems that we are missing out on it today and I am sure that there will be progress in many areas and I hope that God will guide us in our affairs with the blessings of the Qur’an, ameen.

  4. Ayub Abdulganeey

    I’m Interested to be a referral agent, but I need to know about the following:
    ~ Courses to be applied for
    ~ Required JAMB scores
    ~ What JAMB years are required? (The 2022 or 2023 year JAMB score)
    ~ School fees.

  5. I’m expert on social media platforms (Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube) with hundreds of thousands followers.

    Good content creator
    Video editor and Videography

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