Iconic Open University

Mode of Study

The Iconic University conducts teaching and research through Open and Distance Learning (ODL) system. A system defined as an educational process in which a significant proportion of teaching is conducted by someone removed in space and/or time from the learners.

At Iconic University, distance education is delivered through an open system that is easily accessible to all people from around the globe. The open system of the university mandates the user (students) to learn and conduct research openly and virtually with easy access to live lecture streams, video and audio recordings including downloadable course materials, with a system of computer-based media and networking as well as other routes for the presentation of information and for communication between teachers, learners and the university itself.

The Learning Options

Advancing the university’s mission of an open-virtual world class community of learning through an open blended system. The university’s  modes of study are selective to students’ native choice at all times.

The Online Mode

This is a solely online learning mode, which enables learner to sometime have virtual contact with tutors via the live stream classes. Students with computer literacy or ability to use smartphone effectively are recommended to this mode, which gives access to learn courses online, attempts tests, assignment, examinations, receive feedback, and make downloads of videos, audio, and text materials at any point in time.

The Print and Multimedia Mode

This mode gives an option to students who are unable to use the online system due to technical or geographical reasons. Instead, it teaches through the provision of specialized study materials based on self-learning. The print copies of the study materials are dispatched to students from the university campus to students’ destinations via postal service. Each course has a designed study material written specifically for the course and expected to be studied by the student before being examined. Also, multimedia packages accompany the print material to aid self-learning, whereby distance teaching is carried on receipt of portable storage devices encoded/uploaded with video recordings of lectures that are made available for students’ consumptions. Students are mapped and attached to tutors that are geographically placed at nearby learning centres in order to have physical interactions at some points. Also, on the cause of pursuing self-study at home, students can instantly ask questions via regular phone call to tutor’s toll-free lines. While continuous assessment is conducted via phone-in quizzes and tests, are conducted electronically and/or Pen On Paper (POP) at designated examination centres with proper supervision. Thus, this mode provides an opportunity for people without computer literacy.

The Virtue of Iconic University ODL

The ODL system of Iconic University provides the opportunity for students to pursue programmes for more than one career they aspire with an added advantage of students’ apprenticeship scheme, thereby acquiring double honours, skills, and experience. It also allows working people to acquire knowledge, skills, and techniques which may be relevant to the present work situation or future career prospects. Iconic University, thus, provides people with the opportunity to improve their academic qualifications without giving up their jobs and without being removed from the domicile areas. The university system also allows teaching to be facilitated regardless of location and creates reach for academic professionals. The university system is also flexible in terms of age and time allowing for enrolment at any time and the convenience of pace dictated by the student.

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