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Application & Registration Processes

Application Process

 The application process for admission at Iconic University simply consists of 4 steps
Step 1
  • Visit the university site at www.iconicuniversity.edu.ng
  • On the home page, go to the header and click on “Apply Now”
  • Complete the electronic application form (student will be required to agree to the terms and conditions for application)
  • After completion, check email for a confirmation link and click the link provided to activate your account
Step 2
  • After confirmation of account via email, proceed to make payment of application fees (payment link has been automatically generated and credit or debit card can be used instantly)
  • After payment, click proceed to application and fill the form and upload passport photograph alongside credential documents in one pdf file.
  • Select Programme of Choice; either Certificate, Diploma, or Degree Programme
  • Select stream (i.e. semester of admission either fall or spring semester)
  • Select Level (Note: only candidate applying for direct entry admission)
  • Click on “View Admission Requirement” to see compulsory subjects required for admission
Step 3
  • Wait for review and confirmation of admission from the Registrar; this may take a few days. You are required to check your email regularly
  • Once admission is confirmed, an email will be sent to you
  • Log into your account and proceed with documentation and confirmation of admission
  • Print out your admission letter
  • Proceed to pay fees (Payment link has been automatically generated and credit or debit card can be used instantly)
  • After payment, proceed to course registration
  • You are done to start your studies with Iconic University
Step 4

After admission has been confirmed, it is not mandatory to take this step before the commencement of studies. This step can be done within the first year of studies.

This step entails sending all the required documents to the university by post or in person. Unattested certificates are accepted during application for admission, and attested documents must be sent via postal service to the university before the commencement of the second year of studies. You will receive the details needed and the university postal address once you have been approved for admission.

Note: Attestation is a mandatory requirement to obtain a degree at Iconic University. We, therefore, recommend that students compile it well in advance to avoid any complications later on. The notarized copy of the document that the student posted to the university must itself bear the notary stamps and signatures. A photocopy of the notarised documents is acceptable to be sent to the university.

Registration Process

The registration process at Iconic University can be completed simply by the following steps:
Step 1
  • Make payment of fees attached to the course offered;
  • Make a direct payment with credit or debit card through the online payment system generated by the university;
  • Wait for a confirmation email from the Bursary Department;
  • After payment confirmation;
  • Proceed to course registration.
Step 2
  • Click “Course Registration” (for new student all compulsory courses for the semester will automatically appear, and for continuing student will select from the drop down menu including failed courses if there is)
  • When done Click “Submit”
Step 3
    • All selected courses will appear on a fresh page for review and final submission
    • Read through and make sure you have selected the required courses
    • The total credit hour for all registered courses per semester should not be less than 15
    • After cross checking Click “Complete Registration”
    • You can now access all your course materials, including tests and assignments.
Step 4

Categories for Academic Courses

  • Major Courses
  • Required Ancillary Courses
  • Elective Courses
  • General Studies Courses

The major courses are the compulsory courses in the student’s main area of study. Required ancillary courses are compulsory courses in the student’s main area or related area of study, while electives are courses within or outside the student’s main area of study which may be stipulated as compulsory or non-compulsory/optional.

The programme operates course credit system. Under this system; departmental programmes are drawn up in such a manner that courses are arranged in progressive order of importance and intensity and assigned weights called credit units. Each course carries 1, 2, 3, 4, or more units to be minimum of 30-taught unit and examined at the end of the course within one semester.

A pre-requisite course is one that must be taken and passed before any student is allowed to register for another course, usually a more advanced one to which that course is pre-requisite. Usually, pre-requisite courses are so designated, but in general , courses at lower level are considered as pre-requisite for the courses at higher levels within the same programme.

In our online system, students are not normally allowed to register for higher level courses than their year of study allowed except where their academic programs allow for such in the layout. Academic programmes are not changed or reviewed mid-way through the course. Any approved program shall be allowed to remain in force for the duration of the course and until the set of students registered under the programme have graduated.

The teaching and research facilities, staff needs, teaching methods, programmes innovations, and student’s performance in the department are reviewed and examined periodically.

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