Iconic Open University

Who We Are!
a tech-driven institution delivering education to your doors


“Our mission is to integrate learning and research through an open system that leverages technology in line with the global best practice of tertiary education.”


“We envision an open-virtual world-class community connected from around the world as a globally recognised institution with an enhanced system of learning, research, and practice in all fields of human endeavor.”


In a bid to achieve its mission, the Iconic Open University has the following objectives:

  1. To create a learning environment where students can find complement for all instructions in open, distance and eLearning.
  2. To create an enabling environment with accessible on-demand education and at the pace that best suits individual students.
  3. To create a student-centered academic environment that relies on academic rigour, core values and a philosophy of combining traditional learning with practical experience as it relates to any field of human endeavor.

Core Values

The core values of our university represent who we are as per commitment to the highest standards of teaching, research, and service. We have committed ourselves serving our students, faculty, staff, and our community. Respect is a commitment to treating all members of our university with dignity and respect. Other values of the university are:

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